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Colloidal silver

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The most powerful colloidal silver on the market consists only of silver particles and water. No additives! Our silver water contains the smallest particles measured by any colloidal silver manufacturer. Our 10 PPM is the optimum concentration: after thousands of hours and research over a period of 20 years, we guarantee our product will work for you and your loved ones needs.

This all-natural, antibacterial, mineral solution is the only one of its kind to be designated as a Class 1 medical device.

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Crystal Colloidal Silver is a 10 PPM solution with an average nanoparticle size of 0.65 nanometres (the smallest tested in the world). The smaller the nanoparticle, the more effective the solution.

💎 Genuine Colloidal Silver: Our colloidal silver is amber in colour with no cloudiness. Our solution is non-ionic and contains the highest colloidal content ever measured on the market. Want to know why our product is so different from others on the market?

Every batch we make is tested by an independent laboratory. Curious about your batch? Check out our tests here:

Contains only pure water and silver

Packaged in pharmaceutical-grade glass. Unlike ionic products, Crystal Colloidals Silver is very stable, not light sensitive, and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. Do not freeze, the colloid will break!

💎 Crystal Colloidals guarantees the quality of your colloidal product for at least 3 years or until the expiry date stated on the bottle, although our colloidal mineral products are known to last even longer!

Available in 100ml, 250ml, and 1000ml. When the smallest dosage (5ml/day) is taken, the 1000ml bottle will last 200 days and 12 days when the highest dosage (80ml. day) is taken. The actual dosage depends on the individual need.

Usage & Dosage

Allergic reactions to silver are known, but uncommon. Someone with an allergy to silver would not be able to touch a silver object, such as a piece of silver jewellery, without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are unsure whether they are allergic to silver are best advised to apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction occurs. If you don't see a reaction within 30 minutes, you can be fairly certain that you are not allergic to silver.

For rinsing and treating abrasions and small skin irregularities.
Gargle for mouth and throat
Do not use on open wounds.

Apply to the areas two to three times daily.
When using in the mouth: Take 1 to 4 teaspoons (5 ml) of silver water, up to 4 times a day and gargle or rinse the throat. Hold in mouth for a few seconds and spit out.

Due to EU regulations, we cannot provide instructions for internal use, despite the fact that many customers have been using colloidal silver products internally for many years.

7 reviews for Colloidal silver

  1. johanna -


  2. Nancy -

    Great! Recommend it to everyone also for the pets

  3. Nabil Louhouch -

    Top product I use it for inflammation and it works fine

  4. ML Zegers (verified owner) -

    I use it for when our dogs have a wound (hot spot) after 2 days the inflammation has dried up and no more itching. I use it when I have a cold.

  5. ron (verified owner) -

    As a satisfied user of colloidal gold and silver, have recommended the quality of Crystal to close friends. They have also ordered and have recently learned that the effect on their health is significantly improved! Glad to hear it!!!

  6. Annelies -

    Very good! Both me and my dog use it. Very good for the immune system but also applicable for putting on wounds (hot spots) or other allergies.

  7. A.Karnaukhova -

    Good effect in various diseases, can also apply to small children, very satisfied.

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