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Colloïdaal mineraal mix

This mineral mix has been created after many requests from our beloved customers. The mineral mix contains colloidal gold, silica, copper, zinc, platinum and iridium.

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Crystal Colloidal Mineral Mix is ​​a solution with the following concentrations:
Gold – 10 PPM
Silica – 300 PPM
Copper – 5 PPM
Zinc – 15 PPM
Platinum – 5 PPM
Iridium – 5 PPM

💎 True Colloids: Our solution is non-ionic and contains the highest colloid content ever measured on the market.

💎 Every batch we make is tested by an independent laboratory.

💎 Contains only pure water and gold, silica, copper, zinc, platinum, and iridium particles

💎 Packaged in pharmaceutical grade glass. Unlike ionic products, Crystal Colloidals Mineral Mix is ​​very stable, not light sensitive, and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. Do not freeze, otherwise the colloid will break!

💎 Crystal Colloidals guarantees the quality of your colloidal product for at least 6 months or until the expiration date as stated on the bottle, although our colloidal mineral products are known for their even longer shelf life!

💎 Sold in 250ml and 1000ml sizes. When the smallest dose (5ml/day) is taken, the 1000ml bottle will last 200 days and 66 days when the highest dose (15ml/day) is taken. The actual dosage depends on individual needs.

💎 Allergic reactions to gold and platinum do occur, but are rare. A person with a gold and platinum allergy would not be able to touch a gold or platinum metal object, such as gold and platinum jewelry, without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are not sure if they are allergic to gold and platinum should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction occurs. If you don’t see a reaction within 30 minutes, you can be pretty sure you’re not allergic to gold.

💎 Crystal Colloidals Mineral Mix is ​​tasteless like water.


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