What is colloidal gold?

What is colloidal gold?

Gold water: colloidal gold

Gold is a precious metal that is as old as the earth. Therefore, it has been used for centuries for various applications. But what exactly is colloidal gold? In this blog, you can read more about the origin of gold water and the composition of Crystal Colloidal water.

What is colloidal gold?

Colloidal gold is pure water in which minuscule electrically charged gold particles float. These particles are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Colloidal gold is pure water with Nano particles of gold dissolved in it. These small particles of gold have a negative electrical charge and are very easily absorbed by the body. What the body does not need is just as easily excreted, so you never have too much in your body.

History of colloidal gold

The use of gold for all sorts of different applications goes back centuries. In ancient China, gold coins were boiled along with vegetables or rice. Gold molecules thus ended up in the water and on the food. All with the intention of ingesting particles of this metal. Even now, this is used by many Chinese. The precious metal was also very important in other cultures and epochs. Gold was used in ancient Egypt, Sumer and the Roman Empire as an elixir of life or as a healing metal.

Crystal Colloidal Gold Water

Crystal Colloidal's gold water has a ruby red colour. This colour can change from light ruby red to dark ruby red to purple. This depends on the concentration of gold present. However, at a concentration of 10 p.p.m., as we use, the colour is ruby red. The gold particles in Crystal Colloidal water have a size of 3.2 nanometres. This makes them so small that they can only be seen with the most powerful electron microscope. The size of the particles determines the effectiveness of the water. The smaller the particle, the more particles there are in the water and the more effective the colloidal gold is. We have not yet come across colloidal gold with a smaller particle size than Crystal Colloidal.

Gold is a precious metal as old as the earth itself and still uniquely popular. From jewellery to home decoration and luxury products. Gold makes everything just that little bit more beautiful and stylish. Fortunately, gold is not only beautiful, but it also has many advantages in colloidal form. Therefore, in this blog you will find three advantages of colloidal gold.

Forever young

When you say Cleopatra, you automatically think of the beautiful Egyptian queen known from history books and Hollywood films. The story goes that Cleopatra kept her beauty and youthful appearance by smearing herself with liquid gold every night. The Alchemists, too, saw in gold water the perfect means of rejuvenation and beauty. It might be a bit expensive to rub yourself in with colloidal gold every day, but fortunately gold is a component in many anti-ageing creams.

Colloidal gold and energy

Gold is not only popular for its appearance, but also for its effect on our physical and mental state. It is said that gold has a calming and harmonising effect. Thus, many ancient civilisations used gold to better balance body, mind and soul. A better balance, in turn, provides more energy, better focus and a higher libido. Do you like all this new energy? Then consider strengthening the colloidal gold with yoga or mindfulness. By focusing on stretching your muscles and changing your thoughts, new energy flows can be created.

Gold and spirituality

If we look at the history of spirituality, gold has always played a major role. For example, the precious metal was used by Pharaohs to optimise their consciousness and reach higher states. Even now, there are few rituals in spirituality where gold has no added value. This is not surprising because gold is seen, among other things, as the representation of enlightenment and in Buddhism they even speak of the symbol of spirituality, happiness and health. Do you want to know more about the role of gold in spirituality? 


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