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Colloidal zinc

Meet Crystal Colloidal Zinc, a remarkable all-natural mineral solution manufactured with precision. Our formula consists of the smallest zinc particles suspended in ultra-pure water. This essential colloidal mineral solution is carefully created without fillers or additives, ensuring the highest purity. We use only the highest quality copper element and water in the process, ensuring superior standards. The small particle size allows for rapid absorption, maximizing the potential benefits of this essential trace mineral for your well-being.

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💎 Pure water and zinc composition for exceptional purity

💎 Packaged in pharmaceutical grade glass for superior quality

💎 Very stable and non-photo-sensitive formulation

💎 No refrigeration required after opening for convenience

💎 Avoid freezing to preserve the integrity of the colloid

💎 Crystal Colloidals guarantees product quality for up to 6 months after opening

💎 Zinc may oxidize over time from exposure to oxygen

💎 Tasteless and looks like water

💎 Buy a bottle size that can be consumed within 6 months

💎 Available in 250 ml and 1000 ml sizes to suit your needs

💎 Long-term supply based on recommended dosage

Usage & Dosage

This is not a dietary supplement. Can be used externally.

Crystal Colloidal Zinc can be applied daily to freshly cleansed skin (face, neck, décolleté). Allow the product to penetrate and finish your skin routine with day or night care.

Smallest dosage (5 ml/day) provides 200 days of use (bottle of 1000 ml)
Highest dosage (15 ml/day) provides 66 days of use (bottle of 1000 ml)
Dosage can be adjusted to individual needs


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