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Colloidal platinum

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Unlock the extraordinary power of Crystal Colloidal's Platinum. Manufactured with extreme precision, our platinum solution is made exclusively from the highest quality elemental platinum and ultra pure water. Like a true colloid, it provides an authentic platinum experience like no other. Our carefully formulated solution contains microscopic platinum particles 10 to 15 nanometers in size, concentrated at 5 PPM. With no fillers or additives, immerse yourself in the pure essence of colloidal platinum for your well-being.

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💎 Pure water and platinum composition for exceptional purity

💎 Packaged in pharmaceutical grade glass for superior quality

💎 Very stable and non-photo-sensitive formulation

💎 No refrigeration required after opening for convenience

💎 Avoid freezing to preserve the integrity of the colloid

💎 Crystal Colloidals guarantees product quality for at least 3 years

💎 Colloidal mineral products are known for their longer shelf life

💎 Available in 250 ml and 1000 ml sizes to suit your needs

💎 Long-term supply based on recommended dosage

💎 Tasteless and looks like water.

Usage & Dosage

Smallest dose (5 ml/day) provides 200 days of use (1000 ml bottle) Highest dose (15 ml/day) provides 66 days of use (1000 ml bottle)
Dosage can be adjusted to individual needs

Uncommon occurrence of allergic reactions to platinum:
Test for allergic reactions by applying a few drops to the back of the hand. No reaction within 30 minutes indicates no platinum allergy.

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  1. René (verified owner) -

    Excellent product, just a little disappointing that I had to wait a very long time for it. Ordered on a Friday before 2pm, wasn't packed until Monday, only handed over to PostNL on Tuesday and only delivered on Wednesday.

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