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Colloidal mineral mix

We introduce our highly anticipated Colloidal Mineral Mix, a specially formulated blend that combines the power of colloidal gold, silica, copper, zinc, platinum and iridium. Developed in response to numerous requests from our beloved customers, this mineral blend is designed to provide a comprehensive array of essential colloidal minerals in one convenient product. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our Colloidal Mineral Mix, carefully formulated to deliver the benefits of multiple essential minerals in one comprehensive blend. Embrace the power of nature's mineral treasures and embark on a journey to improve your well-being. Experience the synergy of colloidal gold, silica, copper, zinc, platinum and iridium in our carefully crafted mineral blend.

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Crystal Colloidal Mineral Mix is a solution containing the following concentrations:
Gold - 10 PPM
Silica - 300 PPM
Copper - 5 PPM
Zinc - 15 PPM
Platinum - 5 PPM
Iridium - 5 PPM

💎 Contains a mixture of pure water and various essential colloidal minerals

💎 Packaged in pharmaceutical-grade glass for superior quality

💎 Very stable and non-photo-sensitive formulation

💎 Does not require refrigeration after opening for convenience

💎 Avoid freezing to preserve the integrity of the colloidal minerals

💎 Crystal Colloidals guarantees the quality of the product for at least 3 years.

💎 Colloidal mineral mixture known for its extended shelf life

💎 Available in different sizes to suit your needs

💎 Long-term supply based on recommended dosage

💎 Dosage can be adjusted according to individual needs

Usage & Dosage

This is not a dietary supplement. Can be used externally.

Dosage can be adjusted to individual needs.

Allergic reactions to gold and platinum, while not uncommon, are rare. A person with an allergic reaction to gold and platinum would not be able to handle a metallic gold or platinum object, such as gold and platinum jewelry, without causing an allergic reaction. Those unsure if they are allergic to gold and platinum should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction occurs. If you see no reaction within 30 minutes, you can be pretty sure you are not allergic to gold.


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