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Origins of Crystal Colloidals

The origins of Crystal Colloidals began with Loek Stroeken (see here for Loek's autobiography) when he founded the company many years ago. The healing power of crystals is millennia old. Crystals have been used by a variety of ancient cultures: the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Hindus in Ayurvedic medicine. Although their rituals differed, these ancient cultures were united by the theory that crystals were energy, and that energy could be used for specific purposes. They were all based on the unifying theory that everything around us and within us is energy. Every grain of sand, every cell, every atom is vibrating energy, each one constantly giving and receiving energy.

Quality every day

Our company is a beautiful marriage between science and spirituality, just like the crystals themselves. We believe that spirituality is obtained by choosing quality every moment of the day. What we mean by that is that life is lived to the full when we choose to be present and give our best to every customer, every product and every task. We choose to create quality through this work ethic and dedication to our craft.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest measurable quality colloidal products to the people we love. We want to give everyone an element of well-being and health that comes into contact with our product and make our contribution to an antibiotic-free world.

This is what defines our products; we trust in the integrity of nature and with advanced equipment we are able to deliver these unique products.

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