Frequently asked questions

The information on this page is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.

Information on colloids

A colloid is a homogeneous substance consisting of large molecules or ultra microscopic particles of one substance dispersed by a second substance. The particles do not settle and cannot be separated by ordinary filtration. colloidal silver is a solution of microscopic silver particles suspended in purified water.

Unfortunately, since December 14, 2012, EU regulations on health claims prohibit manufacturers from making health and effectiveness claims of any kind (with a few exceptions). Therefore, for many of our products we have to limit ourselves to the product properties. We recommend that you do your own research. A physician can usually advise you as well, since he or she is not bound by the Health Claims Regulation.

Crystal Colloidal provides the highest particle surface area and the most effective colloidal products on the market. Particle surface area is directly correlated to the effectiveness of a colloidal product. The higher the total surface area, the more effective the colloidal product. The particle surface area is a calculated value based on the concentration and the average diameter of the particle. The particle surface area is inversely proportional to the particle size, which means that at a constant particle concentration the surface area increases as the particle size decreases. The importance of the particle surface area is the most important distinguishing factor when determining and comparing the qualities of colloidal products. It is the single most important attribute in determining how effectively the colloidal particles will interact with their environment in the human body. Therefore, it is important to understand that higher concentration is not the most important factor, but should be considered as part of a whole.

We use only the highest quality purified water and the actual element (silver, gold, silica, etc.) in the production of our colloidal products.

The nanometre-sized silver particles possess an electrical charge that results in a mutual repulsion of the particles and causes them to be dispersed in the solution. This charge is called zeta potential and is negative.

Colloidal silver is not prohibited. Our colloidal silver is the only one of its kind to be classified as a Medical Class Device 1.

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Returns & Refunds

You may return your order within 14 days of receipt. Please note that the seals must not be broken. The products must be stored at room temperature.

If the seals of the box or bottle are broken, unfortunately we cannot accept your return.

The costs for returning an order will not be reimbursed by Crystal. You will have to take care of these costs yourself. You may choose a courier of your choice. 

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Usage & Shelf Life

If you have any questions about its use, please contact us at info@crystal-colloï

Dilution of our products is not necessary.

Crystal Colloidal products have different applications, but we are not allowed to tell anything about them publicly. There is no point in contacting us for medical advice, unfortunately we cannot give this.

Each bottle of Crystal Colloidal has its own shelf life which you can see on the back of the box or the front of the bottle. Silver, gold, silica, platinum, and iridium have a guaranteed quality of 4 years. Zinc and Copper have a shorter shelf life and once the bottle is opened, the product should be used within 6 months due to oxidation. Our colloidal silver cream should be used within 1 year of opening. 

We recommend storing the products in a dry place at room temperature, such as a medicine cabinet. It is best if the product is kept out of direct sunlight. Furthermore, the product should never be frozen, as this will cause the colloid to break down. Do not worry about keeping the product away from other metals, or the radio, or TV, this is the advice of the ionic silver manufacturers and does not apply to real colloidal products.

Technical information on our products

Real colloidal silver (when the total content of the solution is more than 50% colloidal) has the colour of iced tea. 

  • colloidal gold has a ruby red colour;
  • colloidal copper is light green/yellow;
  • Colloidal zinc is clear, like water. 
  • Colloidal silica is clear, like water.
  • colloidal platinum is blue. 
  • colloidal iridium is blue

First of all, it is important to distinguish between real colloidal solutions and ionic solutions. Real colloidal silver looks like iced tea. Most products on the market are not colloidal silver but ionic silver. Ionic silver is clear and colourless because silver dissolved in water looks just like sugar or salt dissolved in water; it looks just like water. colloidal silver with a high concentration of silver particles does not look like water because silver particles, even very small ones, block light, making the liquid look darker. The manufacturers of ionic silver solution will tell you that colloidal silver should look like water. That is because their product looks like water.

Most products on the market are ionic because it is very easy to make. All that is needed to make ionic silver is a nine volt battery and some silver wire. Most producers do not use a nine volt battery, but a high voltage AC source because this makes a more stable ionic solution. The high voltage AC product is just as easy to make, but requires a little more equipment. In both cases, the process is a form of electrolysis. The electrolysis process produces mainly ionic silver and is the process by which most companies produce what they call colloidal silver, but in fact it is mainly an ionic silver solution.

Our colloidal solutions differ in particle size. We currently offer the smallest particle size on the market. This is supported by our extensive product testing. The smaller the particle size, the more effective the colloidal solution is.