Crystal´s Best Price Guarantee

Crystal´s Best Price Guarantee

Not satisfied? We'll give you your money back.

We dare say that only Crystal Colloidals provides the highest quality at a competitive price. Fortunately, we don't have to stop at this assumption and can test it. Good thing quality is always measurable! 

Not all colloidal silvers on the market are created equal, which is why Crystal Colloidals relies only on independent laboratory testing to ensure you know exactly what you are buying.

For far too long, companies have misrepresented their product without customers knowing it. We have done research and the table below helps determine the quality and effectiveness of a silver product. We had the products tested by laboratories Intertek and the Institute of Public Health in Ostrava.

Will you join us on a field trip to learn more about colloids and how they work?

First, it is crucial to distinguish between true colloidal products and ionic solutions. Ionic silver solutions are so prevalent on the market because they are cheap and easy to make. However, ionic silver does not survive in the human body because it is highly unstable and seeks compounds. After ingestion, it first enters the stomach where it interacts with hydrochloric acid that helps digest food. Hydrochloric acid has a large amount of chloride atoms that are immediately attracted to the silver ions because they have opposite ionic charges. This in turn forms silver chloride, an insoluble salt that does not dissolve in the body. It is excreted with the urine and is virtually useless to the user. Ingestion of high doses of ionic silver has occasionally led to the rare blue-gray skin condition Argyria.

In the table you will find the respective colloidal and ionic percentages of each product. Only 2 products are predominantly colloidal, Crystal Colloidals and Organimal. If you want to know more about the differences between ionic and colloidal silver and aspects of Argyria, read our article about this.

Next, it is important to see the actual particle size of the products. The smaller the particle size, the more efficient the product. In the booklet "Silver Colloids," Professor Gibbs wrote, "The size of the particles in the colloidal silver suspensions we use for health purposes is very important. The particle size determines the surface area and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension." The table shows the average particle size for the products. Smaller silver nanoparticles have a larger surface area. Thus, these can penetrate more easily to the cellular level.

On average, the particle size of Crystal Colloidal is 0.65 nanometers, which makes an amazing difference in the calculation of the particle surface area. By comparing the average particle size with the total effective working surface area, it is easy to see that there is an inverse correlation between the two. 

Concentration is another component when comparing colloidal products. Unfortunately, most products do not have the concentration listed on the label. This information can be found under "advertised" and "measured." It is commonly thought that the higher the concentration, the more effective the product, which is not necessarily true. It is important to have a fixed concentration (we recommend 10-20 PPM), but if the particles are mostly ionic or large, the product is not nearly as effective. 

So, having broken it down we still say confidently that only Crystal Colloidals delivers the smallest particle size, optimum concentration and highest effective working surface at a competitive price across the board.

One more look at what Crystal's Best Price Guarantee means:

  • Real colloidal silver - we use only the highest quality minerals and break them down into real silver nanoparticles using our proprietary process and suspend them in ultra pure water. Two ingredients with no fillers or additives. 
  • The smallest particle size on the market - less means more with colloidal silver. The smaller the particle, the more effective the solution.
  • Optimal Concentration - You're not the type to take more than you need and for good reason. Our products are designed with you in mind with the ideal concentration to help with any complaint. High concentrations are not necessary when you take the best product on the market. 
  • Real people and real service - We are here for all your questions about colloids. Email us at and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours or less. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - Not satisfied with the product? No problem. We are happy to offer you a full refund. 
Curious about the breakdown of another silver product? Send us an email at and we will be happy to have the product tested for you.


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